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Gift Card

Just follow the easy steps to purchase a gift card or e-card. Your purchase will be safely stowed in your Giving Cart until you are ready to check out. Please note that mailed gift cards are packaged inside elegant Spur Local notecards with a To and From section that includes your name and your recipient's name, an Amount line, and your Personal Message. Instructions for redeeming gift cards are on their reverse sides. E-cards also include messaging but ... no packaging!

If you are purchasing a Gift Card through a special partnership between Spur Local and your company, please check with your employer for directions about how the company's program works.

A note about gift card expiration

Step 1 : Choose card value:

Step 2 : Choose delivery method:

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  • Enter Card Mailing Address

Step 3 : Add the name of the gift card recipient and the name of the gift card sender (as it will appear on the card):