General Information

  • Volunteer Opportunities / Responsibilities: Volunteers, including our volunteer board members, are critical to NEW’s work. Some long-term volunteers commit to mentoring women (through our MVP employment mentoring program), other volunteers help with program needs such as part-time administrative and receptionist duties; seeking out household donations; painting, weed/seed projects, and light job coaching for residents. Several volunteers share their expertise or lead a group to advance our residents' skills, such as financial literacy workshops, self-esteem building strategies. Approximately 1,560 hours are logged annually by our volunteers. There are ten volunteer positions associated with our MVP program. We engage approximately 20 to 40 other volunteers regularly throughout the year to take on small projects such as painting, landscaping and cleaning at our programs.
  • Types of Volunteers Needed: individual/adult; adult groups of less than 5; adult groups of 6 or more, including corporate teams; families with children; Holiday
  • Hours Needed: business hours during the week; evenings during the week; daytime on the weekend; business hours during the week